Drop Off Laundry

Hear me out: I live in New York, and I don’t have in-unit laundry, so I have to schlep my linens out of the house and down the street. However, the $30-40 I spend monthly on dropping my laundry off for a wash-and-fold is, and I cannot stress this enough, the best thing I do with my money. It’s definitely a splurge (especially for family-sized loads) but I’m here to encourage you to treat yourself to a wash-and-fold every once in a while. Even if you just get your bed linens done, think of how much happier you’ll be to have a pre-folded fitted sheet to put away—no fiddling necessary

Seattle Laundry Service
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7 Responses to Drop Off Laundry

  1. I agree – although we don’t have to do that

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  2. adguru101 says:

    I remember living in the city (aka Manhattan) without a washer/dryer and lugging everything to the laundromat; having someone wash and fold would have been a true luxury.

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    • msw blog says:

      When I lived in the city. I had a washer/dryer, what I didn’t have was a car, and that made grocery day hell. What I wouldn’t have done for a delivery service 20 years ago…lol


  3. I use to let my lady do my laundry! I hated doing the laundry. My ex did the laundry. But now that I’m single, I do my own laundry and I enjoy it! I tell her now don’t touch my laundry. As a matter of fact I make sure it’s done before she gets here. I love the way my clothes smell. Often times I get asked what type of perfume I have on. I’ve never a day in my life worn perfume. So, it’s either my dove soap or my gain washing items!

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