Embrace a Four-Day Workweek?

Our goal is to respond to every client inquiry in four hours or less. And we’ve been able to fulfill all of that while taking the Fridays off. So I would give it a definite yes. I think of when people are working 40 hours, or used to be in the office 40 hours, how much of that time are we needing to take care of something personal, anyway, or take a break or grab the extra cup of coffee, because our brains are just not built to focus in that way? I think we’re just giving ourselves the time that we need to do a lot of that other stuff on that extra day off.

In addition to having that ability to have that mental break, or the flexibility, in general, for a lot of people, especially right now during the pandemic when they’re underemployed or unemployed, having another day where they can potentially pick up a side gig or do something else gives them the freedom to do so as well. So there’s a couple of benefits from it.

The future of remote working – The New Economy
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7 Responses to Embrace a Four-Day Workweek?

  1. I moved to a 4 day week a couple of months ago – love it.

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  2. Julestx51 says:

    I loved working 4 days a week and I wish it would come back. I never had to take time off for personal appointments either.


  3. How about embrace not working at all unless you want to! Once I get this mortgage paid, that’s the goal! Heck with it all!

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