Real Life Rants

RANT To all dog owners who are either busy with their phones or just don’t know where their dog is peeing / doing its business. Would you like someone’s dog to pee on your vegetables? Why on earth would you let your dog pee in someone’s vegetable garden ?! Take care of your dogs and be nice to your neighbors who have spent a lot of time growing vegetables for their families.

RANT to about every single person who chooses to post their rant rather than just tell the person what they are doing is annoying. Good lord this city is full of passive people. If your neighbor is letting their dog poop in your yard and you know who is doing it, tell them. If your trash collector regularly spills trash, call the company. If someone in front of you at the post office is not wearing a mask, ask them to put one on or wait outside for them to leave. No one recognizes themselves even if they happen to read it. Deal directly with them. It’s far more effective. 

RANT to those who use leaf blowers. I work nights in an emergency room and have to get sleep during the day, but leaf blowers are so loud that earplugs and headphones aren’t enough to let me sleep. Please be open to day sleepers and put away the leaf blower!

RANT to the person who put a large bag of unsorted trash in my garbage can. It is not very kind to make an elderly person on a fixed income pay for their trash. 

RANT to television news for telling a story and saying they have more important information for us when we tune in at 6 p.m. If it is so important, why do we have to wait an hour for it?

RANT to day and night, endless stream of UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime, DoorDash, Lyft, Uber and the hordes of other unmarked vans and vehicles. They stop in the middle of the street and block driveways, zebra crossings and any other place where they can, at their own discretion, deliver or collect packages, groceries and people without worrying about safety, weather, traffic jams or the courtesy of others. This practice has gotten out of hand. Stop it already!

RANT to ill-placed shopping carts. Grocery shopping can be exhausting and time-consuming for everyone, but it makes it even more difficult when folks leave their carts in what is already a “pinch point” at the end of an aisle or where there are store fixtures close together so they can go get something. I either have to stop and wait for someone to come back from where they went to retrieve their cart, or move their cart out of my way when I need to pass. Please, make sure that if you have to temporarily leave your cart you are not blocking the next person’s path of travel.

RANT to the various forms of family entertainment in Seattle, Tacoma and across Washington state. I was appalled to discover the exorbitant cost of admission to Woodland Park Zoo, the aquarium and other forms of family entertainment, making it impossible for many families to enjoy. The state, or maybe one of the foundations formed by billionaire residents of our state, should provide enough funding so that all families can enjoy these experiences. A family of four should not have to pay close to $80 to gain entrance to Woodland Park Zoo. Senior rates are minimally less expensive and family memberships are totally out of reach for most.

RANT to people who burn wood outside in residential areas. In King County, residents are allowed to burn seasoned dry wood in residential areas outside. People need to ask themselves whether they have a big enough yard to do so. Many of us don’t have any air conditioning and want to open the windows when it’s warm. There are also a lot of people who suffer from asthma. It’s awful that people are forced to close their windows because their neighbor is burning wood and making s’mores in their yard. The smell of burning wood triggers a headache for me. It pollutes air and is really bad for environment. It’s a health hazard for people who have to breathe that air. Please be more considerate and stop burning wood in your backyard!

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