Food Photography

How long can you make your friends wait to eat while you take the perfect shot? I hate myself at the time, but sometimes it takes a while. —Self-loathing Layla

Processed with MOLDIV

Any advice for getting the perfect food shot? I only have 1.5 minutes! —Blurry Benicio

Crowd-sourced from people with WAY more followers than I:

  • Get to a window or take it outside. Natural light above all.
  • Overhead shots are the safest.
  • Shoot on a neutral surface that isn’t too dark (so we can see the food clearly).
  • Take a bite of food to make it more “lived in.”
  • If your silverware is reflecting you taking your photo, move it.
  • Always keep Instagram’s 4:5 ratio in mind, which really just means that you should shoot vertically.
  • Add elements that give a sense of place or tell the story behind a dish (the grass you’re picnicking on, Grandma’s recipe card…).
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4 Responses to Food Photography

  1. Miriam says:

    My hubby gets too inpatient, waiting for me to take the shot 😂

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  2. I’m so not a foodie, so often times I can’t relate to your food post! But I always love the colors of your foods/pictures that you post!

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    • msw blog says:

      Thank you. That image is the making of a simple butternut squash soup before it is to be simmered in stock, and purée. I am a firm believer we eat with our nose and eyes before we eat with our mouths.

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