What the hell is Thai Eggplant?

On first glance I thought the little green globes were some type of exotic fruit, after all I was standing in the middle of a very large international market. I had to try them, and after gathering a pound, I noticed the sign “Thai eggplant”. I stood there stunned, thinking “what the hell.”  A vendor walked up to me smiling and pointing and saying “ma keua praw.” I had no idea what he was saying.  A shop keeper rescued me, “That’s what we call them in Thailand.” Thanking her, I asked how to prepare them. She surprised me by informing me that Thai eggplant is unlike any other eggplant variation since it can be eaten raw, normally with some dips or in salads. I inquired if there was a dish that highlighted them. I watched her look from me to my overflowing handbasket of groceries. She leaned in as to tell me a secret and whispered “Curry. I know you know how.” I smiled, as I did. For those of you who are wondering if I tried Thai eggplant raw— I did. I cut one into pieces and handed slices out to my household. Some of us dipped it into homemade roasted pepper hummus, others ate it raw. The reviews were mixed from slimy, bitter, or citrusy to “it doesn’t taste like anything.” What we did agree on is the whole thing is edible and delicious in curry, and it should be made again.  Full disclosure, one amateur food critic has instructed me to “Cut the eggplant into bite size pieces and add more shrimp please. Thank you.” Have you tried Thai eggplant?

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2 Responses to What the hell is Thai Eggplant?

  1. adguru101 says:

    I have never heard of, or seen, Thai eggplant, but now I’m intrigued!


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