Green Gurls

If you name your plants and talk to them, do they live longer?

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My plants are all my Green Gurls, but I do like to call them by their scientific name when I can. They remind me of drag queen names. I mean, Ficus Elastica? Oh my goodness. That’s the rubber tree. Ms. Ficus Elastica. I don’t talk to my plants unless I’m in a mood where I’m like, “You better grow, girl.” But if I knock into them or disturb them, I always say sorry. And I do play music for them—classical, soft jazz music. I have speakers in every room that has a plant in it. It’s very intentional. There has been studies that show that if you play music for your plant, they thrive better—something to do with the vibrations from the music helping the cells grow. But it could also just be that people who play music for their plants are just really good plant parents, giving them the top level of care, so you never really know.

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2 Responses to Green Gurls

  1. adguru101 says:

    Haha, that is TOTALLY a drag queen name! You made my morning! Happy holidays, Alisa

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