What Is Something You’d Never Talk About on a Date?

7 New Dating Trends to Look Out For - The Wendy Williams Show

“How many sexual partners I’ve had, it’s honestly no one’s business. Knowing that information does nothing for either person and usually just ends in judgment and jealousy. However, it does help me notice the red flags of someone who is jealous.”— Dawn

“Unless they have a really, really interesting job (I’m talking about doing surgery on tigers or something), I don’t want to talk about work on the first date! We waste so much of our lives at work anyway, why not spend our leisure time talking about all of the other stuff that we do!”— Anonymous

“Nothing is off-topic. My partner and I feel we should be able to discuss anything with each other, even when it’s not easy.”— Shawn

“Off-topic is the amount of money I make. If you want to date me, you want to date ME. I’m a gig worker in the arts, which means I go from job to job, and do a lot of random stuff, BUT never in my life have I paid a bill late. I don’t have a LOT of money, but I have enough to live and have a social life and pay for my own stuff, and I absolutely love my life. — Anonymous

“Asking if we are a couple or not. If you have to ask, you know the answer.”— Eric

“Nothing is off-limits for me and my partner in our relationship. We have made a promise to be upfront and honest, and also to not linger too long if we are stressing in order to bring something up to one another. Getting things out in the open sooner rather than later is always the best way to go. Money was a hard one because we have such different backgrounds, but we explain things from our perspectives, and give each other the time and respect we deserve.”— Michelle

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2 Responses to What Is Something You’d Never Talk About on a Date?

  1. Hmmmm, I need to learn this. I talk about any and everything.

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