Decluttering When You Have Kids

Q : I’ve decluttered so much already, but there’s always stuff everywhere, and there’s not much else I can get rid of. Should I organize better or get the kids to help?

Efficiently Declutter Your House in Just One Week [Day by Day Plan]

A: We have to recognize the difference between clutter and mess. Clutter contains pieces that aren’t needed, and messes are made of items you love and use regularly that are left out. If it’s clutter, make decisions and get items out of the way. If it’s a mess, create rhythms for throughout the day to keep everything tidy, and create storage where pieces collect.

You can involve your children in this. For example, items that belong upstairs in our house would always collect on or by the stairs. I bought a pretty basket and placed it against the wall next to the stairs and started charging the kids $1 for every item left on the stairs. It took a couple of weeks for everyone to form the habit, but charging them helped.

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