Gods Plan

LB: Well, you’ve always been looking ahead. I read that when you were 18, you made a spreadsheet of your life for the next 40 years. Do you still access it?

SA: I do.

LB: I’m sorry you didn’t meet all of your goals and are a resounding failure.

SA: Actually, what I do is copy the previous iteration, so I know what I thought I was going to be doing. Then I update it with where I ended up and the moments when I had to make changes. Like when I decided I didn’t want to run for mayor [of Atlanta], I had to reorganize a bunch of things.

LB: When did you last edit your spreadsheet?

SA: In 2018. I did not get a big job I had on there [Abrams lost the controversial Georgia governor’s race to Brian Kemp], so I had to think about what I was going to do next. It’s really about not just milestones but the big things I want to get done and what has to happen in between to make them possible. When I didn’t become governor in 2018, that changed what I was going to do for the next four years. I created Fair FightFair Count, and the Southern Economic Advancement Project [SEAP].

LB: Have you always been so structured in the way you approach things?

Stacy Abrams

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4 Responses to Gods Plan

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    Stacy Abrams is amazing – what an interesting insight into how she thinks, plans and organizes!

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  2. Come on my fellow HBCU Sis! Proud of her. There’s more to come too.

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