Broken Connection

I logged on to my email [] to answer a few comments and to check out a few of my favorite bloggers. I noticed I couldn’t, because WordPress had changed the format. Since 2015 the format has been the same. I used to get emails saying something to the effect of this: ‘They (individuals name) thought (insert blog title) was pretty awesome, and below it would say ‘ (individuals name) Great posts worth seeing from…’  I enjoyed this because it allowed me to peruse the concise list, read a post of interest, and comment often—- allowing me to meet someone new in the blog universe.

Now I just received an email that says, ‘(individual name) likes your post (insert blog title), but it does not provide me with a list of that blogger’s posts. How rude. This leaves me with a plethora of questions. Is anyone else finding this a problem? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Have you alerted If so, what was the reply? Is blogging dead?  How are you finding Real Life of an MSW, if I can’t read, comment on, or like your posts? Why do things change when they are just working? Okay, I have an answer to that one— because one thing that is constant is change! 

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4 Responses to Broken Connection

  1. I am have exactly the same problem with my Yahoo account. I have contacted the ‘happiness engineers’. It is such a pain….let’s see if I get a response or maybe you should too as the more complaints about the same thing the better!

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