Roe v. Wade: Choices and Freedom

When I became pregnant, I knew it was an enormous responsibility that I chose with eyes wide open. Today, our adult children are our greatest sources of pride. Much of this stems from the fact that I had choices about my reproductive decisions. How different would things have been if those choices had been severely restricted?

My religion taught that life begins at conception. Our Constitution includes an equally sacred tenet: freedom of, or from, religion. Our individual beliefs cannot be forced on others, no matter how virtuous we think they are. The ethical choice is not always the obvious one.

An individual’s reproductive decisions should not be diminished. Forced birth doesn’t guarantee a child’s life. It doesn’t promote a sense of security or liberty from oppression. It can’t promise joy. The right to choose is what makes all the difference. Without it, freedom itself has no meaning.

Teresa Mosteller, Seattle

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2 Responses to Roe v. Wade: Choices and Freedom

  1. And you know what? These old white folks know this and believe this. But it’s the slave mentality and that’s why the government look needs to change. These folks up in DC does not look like the 21st century. They’re all one generation removed from slavery if that. Now, I don’t believe in abortion but who the heck am I? Leave these women alone and let them be. Geez. Go control your own self. UGH and so much stuff. But this topic runs me HOT!

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