Interview from Afar

Be human. “People are in all sorts of states right now, physically and mentally. It’s helpful to recognize that and connect with candidates at the most human level. Roommates and relatives do come into video view sometimes, and this always unnerves a candidate. But how a candidate handles those unexpected moments allows me to gain invaluable insight. I mean, if you can’t handle the family cat busting into a meeting, then we’re definitely not going to be a right match for one another.” —David Ard

Prepare – “I study the candidates resume first and jot down a few questions, and then when I am on the call, I listen. I may not ask all my questions -once you ascertain that the person has the right skills, what is most important is to understand that they have the right fit for the company. Recruiting is difficult and you need to take the time to understand the person. everyone can be successful, but will they be successful in your organization” -Isabelle Fevrier

Focus on your questions. – What have you learned about yourself this year that has led you to apply to this job? Why didn’t you learn that sooner? What you interview a candidate remotely, it’s harder to get a sense of things like spirit, resilience, and self-awareness. I find that this line of questioning gives a candidate the opportunity to speak to all three with authenticity- Rodderick Morris

Set Limits – I keep the job interview really short – 15 minutes max. One thing that hosting a podcast has taught me is that you can cover a lot of ground with focused conversation. This time limit helps me identify candidates who can come in with focus and clear communication skills. This is really important in a world where we all work remotely and rely on these skills to be effective with teams. – Micheael Bosstick

3 Ways to Manage a Team and Talent from Afar

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