Unused Name

A silly problem, perhaps, but here goes.

I have a neighbor who is very nice and kind. We wave to one another across our gardens, and occasionally engage in a little small talk.

I’ve introduced myself by name to her a couple of times, and I know her name.

Yesterday she brought me a really nice plant from her garden. She said, “Hey lady, I thought you would like this.” Thinking back, I realized that she always addresses me as “Lady.”I know that she works in a busy health-care environment, and it occurs to me that she has a lot of names in her head and might not remember mine.

I’ve introduced myself several times and it seems super-awkward to do this again.

Can you give me a graceful way to handle this?


Reading this, I wondered if one of my neighbors wrote it. I have the tendency to refer to women as ladies and men as sir. I like the way Amy, replied and am sharing her reply in its entirety: “You might handle this by dropping her a note (maybe along with a plant from your own garden), thanking her, and signing the note with your name. If after that she continues to address you as ‘Lady,’ you might consider it your nickname and go with it.”

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