Mental-Health Programs: Full Funding Long Overdue

Re: “WA to get $183M from Purdue Pharma settlement, more than double original proposal” [March 3, Local News]:

What to do with this money? It is intended for addiction treatment, but the state should also try actually spending serious money on mental-health issues. I admit there has been some progress, but it’s like taking sand from the Sahara — you don’t even notice.

Over the years, the state has received large increased tax income from all forms of gambling. In addition, it has received a good share of taxes following the legalization of marijuana. Each time there is mention by the state and counties of “this time we are going to upgrade our mental-health system” — always talk but not yet.

Experts say that much of the homeless, crime issue and drug issues involve a disturbing component of mental health.

This state needs, in no particular order: a new state hospital (Western State should be used for future horror moves); new mental-health offices with temporary housing staffed by mental-health workers; more money for mental-health workers in jails, prisons, hospitals and schools.

Stop the talk and just do it. If not now, when? If not when, why?

Randy Fillingim, Seattle

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2 Responses to Mental-Health Programs: Full Funding Long Overdue

  1. All I want to know is why is a mental health when white folks kills but when blacks do anything? Just like I just heard how many they’re pouring into the opioid crises, where was that funding during the crack crises? Could race have anything to do with it? Of course, stop playing the race card, SAM! OKAY!!!

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