Etiquette Lessons: Guest Edition

What is the etiquette after sleeping in someone’s guest bed? My rule is to leave it as nice as I found it, which means making the bed. However, assuming (and hoping!) everyone washes bedding after each guest, I often wonder if I should pile the sheets nicely on the bed. Would that be helpful or presumptuous. –


This made me laugh, as it is an ongoing issue I have every time I spend a night at anyone’s house, particularly Abby’s. She is all for stripping the bed, which is good etiquette because clearly if a guest leaves you should wash the linen and prepare the bed for the next guest. The issue in my home is I prefer for guests not to strip the bed. They are not the help, they are guests. My procedure after a guest has gone is to strip the bed down, wash the linen, and mattress cover, and place them in the linen closet. The bed only gets remade before a guest arrives. I think everyone deserves fresh dust free linen. How do you deal with linen on the bed as a guest and a hostess? 

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4 Responses to Etiquette Lessons: Guest Edition

  1. adguru101 says:

    I also prefer to strip/wash the linens myself, and put them away until the next guest is due to arrive. Though I wouldn’t consider it presumptuous if someone stripped the bed themselves 🙂

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  2. Yes I make the bed back up when I’m done. The owner is responsible for stripping unless she asks me too.


    • msw blog says:

      Thank you for offering your perspective. I never make the bed on my last day of staying in someone’s home. I think it just makes it easier for them to strip the bed as the lienen is already in a messy pile.

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