Outside the Box

Baby Blues Comic Strip for November 27, 2022
Let’s think outside the card box and have some fun. Let’s dig back though pictures that show our happiest times- when we were jumping in water, running across lawns, piled together on the sofa and all shouting “cheese!” Let’s throw crayons on the table and pull-out paint so artist imagination can go wild. Let’s picture the people we love walking out to their mailboxes and being greeted with written words that make them smile. What should go into those messages? Musing s of all the things that have transpired over the past year. Updates on who has taken up a new milestone, one on an exciting adventure, or hit a new milestone. For anyone who’s not quite sure what to share, maybe a favorite poem or collection of words that have been powerful over the past year will hit the right note. Let’s choose envelopes no one is expecting. Let’s sprinkle confetti. Let’s add sprigs of mistletoe. Let’s spread holiday cheer near and far with considerations. With intention. Let’s do it with Love
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3 Responses to Outside the Box

  1. I’m all for this. I’m so ready to turn every room in my house to a place where everyone feels welcome and not stuffy. Thus the reason why I want a love sac. But my geez $10K plus is not looking good on a school salary. But yes I’m ready for this.

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