Take Their Emotional Pulse

Before the year gets underway, ask your child questions such as “What are your biggest worries about going back to school?” and “What are you most looking forward to doing this year?” If they tell you they’re worried about a test or a fight with a friend, ask them to rate the stress on a scale of one to five. The number itself is less important than what it tells you about their perception of the situation and their capacity to cope with it.“Once you have a basis for comparison, you can have a conversation about what might lower their stress If they’re worried about missing an assignment, for instance, you might ask: “Who can you go to for help? How can you communicate with them?” If the issue relates to social anxiety, you might suggest writing a letter to their teacher early in the school year to say: “I feel uncomfortable making a presentation to the class, so is it okay if I videotape myself instead?”

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2 Responses to Take Their Emotional Pulse

  1. Well this is what I did on my birthday trip. I had to realize what is holding me back and its the past. So, I’ve made up my mind that everytime the past comes up in my head, I’m going to combat it with grateful affirmations or thoughts. It’s as if I’ve become comfortable with my pain of my past. The unworthiness, the betrayal, the hurt. It hurts badly but yet I bask in it daily and allow it to consume me all while dressing up as if I’m okay. Well starting Sunday, I am okay. And my past doesn’t define me. And being single is not a death sentence. I’ve not lost a spouse or a boyfriend. Neither men were good for me. Not that they were bad people they just were bad for me. I have accept that and move on. I’ve decided to do that day by day. Minute by minute if I must. New Attitude but Same San.


  2. Beautiful picture by the way.


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