In Front of My Eyes

I can’t tell you what woke me up, but I woke up in the middle of the night—it was like midnight, one in the morning—and I got on Facebook, and I saw this video and this warning of how graphic it was. I watched it, and I immediately picked up the phone, and I called a retired Black female lieutenant, I called the deputy chief of the Minneapolis Police Department, and I called the chief himself and said, “WHAT am I watching?” He had not seen the video, and I said, “This is horrible. I just watched a man die in front of my eyes, and I am sick.” He said, “Lisa, I’m going to convene an emergency meeting”—this is the chief— “at 10 in the morning, please come.”

At 10 o’clock we were all seated in his office. I asked him but one question: “Do you have the power to fire immediately, Chief?” Because I knew he had created a policy that had allowed him that, because we asked him that cases be sent out immediately, involving police, if there’s bodily harm or death. He came back in an hour. He had fired all four. –LISA CLEMONSretired Minneapolis police sergeant; volunteer, Twin Cities Mutual Aid; founder, A Mother’s Love

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  1. Yeah, you may not get a lot of comment on post like this but I appreciate you sharing them.

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