Wrong Container

A fern in a terracotta pot? Bad idea. A succulent in a glazed planter? Not great, either. Ferns, alocasias and other water living plants need their soil to remain moist Pots made of terracotta, ceramic and clay are porous and will dry out soil faster. Glazed, metal and plastic containers, which retain moisture will be a better fit. Succulents and cactus, on other hands, work will in porous planters.

Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes and passing the real life wisdom on to others as I embark on this new venture of “positively purging“, as I know each of these pieces represents something

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2 Responses to Wrong Container

  1. adguru101 says:

    Good to know! I never thought much about this but it makes complete sense.

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