How to tame a Monstera

Move it to a darker space

If yours is growing wild, chances are it is getting several hours of morning sun. (Monstera needs five to six if you’re trying to get your monstera to flourish.)

To slow its growth, then, try moving it to a shadier spot. While reducing the amount of light that shines on the monstera won’t kill it, it will alter the way that it branches out and prevent it from getting as big and lush.

Train it to grow up a moss pole

Training the monstera to grow upward is one way to prevent it from expanding outward and spilling into your living space.

Try placing it near a window and training it to climb a moss pole toward the natural light. 

Prune your monstera

Another way to control growth is by clipping back foliage. Trim leaves at the point about two inches below the node (where the leaf meets the stem) to shape your monstera and promote healthy growth.

One option is to turn those clippings into more monsteras. To go this route. Make sure the clipping has at least two to four leaves intact, so it’s essentially already a baby plant. Place it in water until it develops new roots, then transfer it to soil.

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