Brown Skin Girls

I was always told if you don’t have anything to say, or are stuck for words, you simply say, “Thank you”. Therefore, I say thank you to Derrick for this beautiful photo. When I first saw it at Derrick j Knight, I thought I know these women, hell, I could be one of these women (can you guess which one?) if I grew up abroad in London and not in North America. I  outreached to Derrick and asked if I could have a copy. He was happy to oblige. I have to say I love this photo, and had to have it printed in color and black and white. After seeing it in black and white I had to order yet another silver frame, and hang it on my gallery wall of other beautiful black and white prints. The piece has become a wonderful conversational piece, as friends and family swear they know and/or grew up with these women. I assure them they have not, but then again aren’t we all connected…Thank you Derrick for this wonderful piece of art.

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2 Responses to Brown Skin Girls

  1. Gosh, msw, this looks really good in black and white. Thank you very much

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