Inspire yourself

“My father and his family came from Cuba with nothing and fashioned a new life with freedom, hard work, and perseverance. I understand deeply that my life, and the privileges it comes with, exist because they were hard fought for. It’s created in me something I like to call “immigrant hustle.’ It’s in part repayment of a debt, part obligation, and part gratitude.” — Lauren Fernandez, CEO, Full Course

“People. Many times, the creative juice I need is in a conversation. And it can be anyone, talking about anything. Human interaction is the center of creativity.” — Yomi Gerard, Lead strategist, Dream Network

“I curate my digital followings to be purposefully inspiring to me. Typically, when I’m a little unmotivated, I jump on social media to kill time — this way when I open up a channel, it is filled with people that have the same entrepreneurial aspirations as myself and they are usually posting about the work they are accomplishing.” — Sean Hall, Founder and CEO, Wellious

“What really inspires me is learning the habits, traits, and routines of successful people. How does a Fortune 500 CEO stay productive? Then I’ll try to implement some of those habits into my day.” — Sam Watts, General manager, Twin Star Transfer

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