Tipping Mania Has Become Overwhelming

“My tip depends on how much of a service the worker has provided for me. For example, if I got to a self-serve frozen yogurt place and the cashier spins the iPad around for me to tip, they aren’t getting anything. If I am at a restaurant with waiters, or a place like Subway or MOD Pizza where they are building my food, I am more than happy to toss a tip their way for their service.” — Anonymous

“Tipping has gone off the rails. It used to be only for exceptional service, now it is a requirement for an ever-expanding group. Tipping hotel-room staff didn’t used to be a thing — the argument is, ‘Who doesn’t want a clean room?’ Well, a worker at a nuclear power plant doesn’t get tipped, but who doesn’t want a safe reactor? Who doesn’t want friendly checkout at a department store or a helpful clerk in the county office? Where does it end? Salaries should pay for expected service.”

“I like good service. Since the pandemic, I appreciate those who came back to work, so I tip servers 40%-50%.”

For me, the type of service determines the range and amount of personal attention determines the placement in that range. Generally, I tip about 10% for takeout because there’s no connection or attentiveness  just boxing up my food instead of serving it on a plate; there’s no personal connection or ongoing service. I’ll bump up the tip for takeout if it’s especially well done and thoughtful or stands out in some way. For in-restaurant dining, my range is 15%-25%.” — Anonymous

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5 Responses to Tipping Mania Has Become Overwhelming

  1. adguru101 says:

    I agree. It’s out of control and businesses should factor in these costs and pay workers a fair wage so they don’t have to rely on tips for survival.


  2. adguru101 says:

    Same here. And I’ve become much more selective about where I go. I wonder if this over-inflated tipping situation is having an unintended effect on restaurants, with fewer people choosing to eat out altogether!

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