Show me the way- pages of my career journal

5678 The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”- Confucius

I am sure a student has stumbled upon my site. Therefore, I thought I would occasionally include pages from my career journal. The following is from my foundational practicum:

“I am past the halfway mark in my 320 hours of practicum. What I know for sure is it takes a village to run a transitional facility. Today during room checks they found liquor in a resident’s room. There will be a house meeting tomorrow. My intro letter still seems to be working (when I started my practicum I wrote up an introductory letter of who I was and what my role would be, per my supervisor’s request. I agreed, as I know many youth and young adults distrust adults. If you would like a copy of my letter, please email me.), though I feel like I am just hanging out. Yes, it is fun and a great informal way to talk to youth, but I want to be more hands on and more therapeutic. I want to be able to work with them on issues, while goal building. Perhaps that is _____ job, but she isn’t teaching me that. How do I get her to do that? I feel I am just not learning. I also have realized this is not an agency where one can “join”. Believe me, I tried. Therefore, Lord, I ask that as you lead me on my academic journey, that you point out the vital things to me.”

Reading this entry, I had to laugh at my younger self and say “Kiddo, you have no idea how much you are learning and how much this will apply to your career.” Isn’t hindsight lovely? Though for those students who do feel they are not learning, speak up and ask your placement supervisor for a meeting to review your learning objectives. I was getting this formally once a month and informally once a week as staff debriefed after house meetings. This placement taught me numerous techniques for how to help youth and young adults cope and problem solve. Hell, if I would have had any more “action”, I may be in a different profession today.

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