How Can I Save My Bulbs From Squirrels?


The colors of fall (orange, golden yellow, and fiery red) make me happy. The other day I stood at my mailbox gathering my mail and taking in the beauty of my favorite tree. How I love Little Red (yes, my trees and plants have names, don’t yours?). While I admired the beautiful contrast of falling leaves on the red beauty bark I had laid on top of my tulips (Mulch is a really good idea. It will definitely keep the moisture in and the weeds out), I noticed the holes and thought “those damn squirrels have started to eat my bulbs! How dare they!” I had no choice but to email my favorite people and report them!  🙂 I love the Plant Answer Line– they have done more for me and my yard than they could ever know. Once my clinical social worker days are behind me in retirement, I hope they will hire me. I read their answers “lay wire mesh such as chicken wire on top of the bed. The squirrels can’t dig through the mesh and the flowers will grow neatly through the holes. Lay old window screens in frames on the ground, covering the newly-worked up soil. The screen weighs enough to foil the squirrel, but allows for air circulation and rainfall. Once the ground has settled, remove the screens and store for future use. Another remedy is to feed the squirrels during the fall and winter.” That last suggestion evokes a renewed sense of community as the days grow colder. Soon I will be gathered with clients helping them develop wish lists (thick socks, gloves, thermal underwear, and sleeping bags are in high demand- please donate to your local shelter). I will be in places that are warm with friends and colleagues, nourishing those relationships that matter. If someone happens to put a Bailey’s hot chocolate in my hand I’ll be the happiest individual on the planet.

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