Spaghetti Squash is my culinary challenge


Standing in front of the sign above, I felt like a kid in the candy store. Two pounds of squash for a $1! My rule of only purchasing what I can eat this week went right out the window. I loaded my basket with butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash. I was tempted to pick up a pumpkin; but hey, I had some restraint. Well… okay, I really had to get potatoes and onions and no way could I carry it all alone. Returning home I placed everything in my pantry minus the spaghetti squash. This food was a first for me, making it culinary challenge. I quickly did a Google search I found this great site with endless recipes. I went with number 18 (have you tried any of these dishes? I was really tempted to make number two and three), but my philosophy is if I am going to try something new I want to enjoy it in its purest form to see if I really like it. I have to say I like it, although it’s not as quick as traditional spaghetti.

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7 Responses to Spaghetti Squash is my culinary challenge

  1. Mmm I love squash and I love your adventurous spirit!



  2. Wait for me, I am coming for dinner tonight ;))


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