How to Move Past An On-The-Job Mistake.

Q: I made a mistake at work that cost my company some money and embarrassed some executives. Yet everyone seems to be moving on but me; I can’t seem to let go and no longer trust my own judgment. What can I do to move past this? –Anonymous

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I love how Liz Reyer, responded “Start by thinking deeply about the reactions of people around you. It sounds like they still trust you and have not lost confidence in your ability and judgment. Clearly it did not rise to the level of “fire-able offense.” To add to Reyer’s advice, I would ask management how such an incident could be prevented in the future or write down steps for myself to prevent the incident from happening again. A mantra such, as “I am better than my one mistakes” can rebuild confidence daily especially if it is the log on to your computer it could read “IAbTM1m!”

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5 Responses to How to Move Past An On-The-Job Mistake.

  1. tsepotheview says:

    First step is to forgive yourself because everyone has already forgave you then since you no longer trust your judgement just avoid making huge decisions just for now and make make more small decision and the more you make small right decisions eventually you get to trust your judgement again…

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  2. adguru101 says:

    Good advice! I’d add that it’s important to slow down sometimes and ask for input, rather than rushing to make decisions because you feel under the gun to do so.

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