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I am not entirely sure why I have saved this particular Opt Ed piece. Perhaps I found myself perplexed why no one has mentioned the generational gap, or why one hasn’t thought of putting the focus on activities and safety. I polled a few individuals on this and the replies in a nut shell were, “Couldn’t the seniors participate in story time or offer classes on cooking or sewing?” “Couldn’t the younger generation provide information on how to utilize services such as Skype, or explain FaceTime so the elderly could talk with families across the country?”

I pointed out that they had just stereotyped both groups. I am not sure of the solution, but I think the following steps need to be in place:

  1. Avoid stereotyping people over 60 and those under 17.
  2. Be tolerant of alternative ways of doing things
  3. Show the same respect to others that they like shown to them
  4. Share expectations
  5. Seek perspective
  6. Be ready to compromise

For without these the words, community has been lost. What would you advise in this situation?


Picture this scenario: All of the staff from nursing homes and retirement homes in Seattle go on strike. Seattle Parks & Recreation notifies all children and teens that facilities will be unavailable to them for the duration of the strike as space and staff are needed for senior citizens.

Sound fair? Here is the reality: Seattle teachers are on strike. Clients of Lifelong Recreation, a city program that offers arts, fitness and social opportunities for people age 50 and older, have been told that their programs at many community centers throughout the city will be suspended for the duration of the strike as room is needed to accommodate child care.

Age discrimination? This is not the first time Seattle Parks has displaced seniors in order to offer programs for children. It has been a long-standing practice, especially prevalent each summer. Exercise and social engagement, cornerstones for healthy aging, are obviously low on the priority list for Seattle Parks. This decision was not made by Lifelong Recreation, which was left to scramble to find space as it could to provide services already paid for by senior citizens.

 The Parks motto “Healthy Parks, Healthy You” is a mockery. Perhaps they should consider “The Baby-sitters Club” instead.Linnea Mattson, Seattle
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  1. I couldn’t begin to advise, but that is messed up!



  2. msw blog says:

    I know Elizabeth has some great posts- you should follow her


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