Methods of Journaling -Pages of a Career Journal


“The last two days I have been helping girls with difference resources.”

Rereading this, I’m sure this was an attempt at Gretchen Rubin’s one sentence a day challenge. Sadly, this method isn’t for me (Has anyone successfully kept a one sentence a day journal?). That entry left me thinking “What girls? What were the resources? Where they good ones? What was the outcome?”

Looking back I know I enjoy references to incidents or phrases I had previously forgotten, or can’t remember in detail. Let’s be honest- the mind fades with time. Real life moment: I have learned keeping a journal for extended periods of time has helped me discover myself and how my motivation and creativity ebbs and flows. It is interesting to see what topics I return to again and again. I also find it a gift to my future self. I guarantee that you’ll have a few great laughs and smiles in doing so.Even if you don’t think anything special has happened to you, the very act of keeping a journal can spiral into a bright of light.

How often have you caught yourself writing about something that seems dull on the surface, but led you to a spiral of other thoughts, ideas, and memories as you were processing it? I believe regular writing opens the door to those opportunities. Real life moment: I use this word “regular” and not “daily” as I simply don’t journal every day. I also know pen and paper journaling is not for everyone. One friend informed me “I’ve have typed millions of words, but It’s not a journal. I used them more as morning pages of encouraging myself.” Another friend shared with me she takes several photos a week, and she calls it a life in images. She keeps them in a large glass tray on her table for great conversation. I admit I love this Idea and would love to see an image of me in middle school, but no image exist. I believe the root of journaling is focus on what you’re thinking and feeling.


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2 Responses to Methods of Journaling -Pages of a Career Journal

  1. I have never kept a one sentence journal. I’m sure it has merit, but I think I would just be lost when re-reading it. What I have done (meant to do it for a year, lost steam after about a month) was wrote down the three best things that happened to me that day.

    I loved that because it forced me to end the day on a positive note. It made such a difference, going to bed thinking about good things. It was also cool to read later and see patterns of what made me happy- and do those things more.

    I’ve convinced myself. I’m doing it again!


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