Spring Invites and Gardening Tips!


I received an invite to be a docent at the spring book sale. I was happy to support a wonderful cause, as all the proceeds would be divided between six inner city gardens. The invitation also came with access to the sale before the public and one free book of my choice. I strolled up and down rows and rows of books, thinking how cool it was to have a sale devoted to one topic. I was quickly reminded of my large stack of articles, and I vowed to make time this the summer to read them. I also noticed there were a lot of pretty garden extras. They were so cute; but really, how practical is that? Therefore, for the next four Sundays I will supply you with one great tip (spoiler alert, the last week will be what to plant).

Watering tools: Watering cans and water globes are indeed beautiful. However, the price tags can soar upward of $75 (yikes!). If you have a close friend or mentor who is a true gardener or you have reached a garden milestone, sure, splurge. However, if you just want to keep your everyday house plants watered you can use an everyday drinking pitcher, or if you’re going on vacation simple place ice cubes randomly on top of your soil. I promise it will thrive. I have done this countless time for Tapper and Marriage (yes, my plants have names). The one splurge I have made is the coil water hose. It is a game changer, as it does not kink up.


Plant markers. Let’s be honest, these are super cute; but are they worth the price tag? Here is my quick DIY version. You will need the package the seed comes in (great reminder of what you planted and what brand), drinking straws, and a stapler. Cut the straws in three parts, insert the seed packer on one end, and staple.


What’s your favorite gardening tip?

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  1. Great tips, thank you!


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