Real Life MSW Meets Real Simple Magazine


What better way to kick off my summer playing tourist then by going to a farmer’s market and meeting the people behind my favorite magazine. The Real Simple tent was set up at the start of the market, and the friendly staff was handing out yummy free snacks, local cheese, and free copies of this month’s edition of their magazine. The staff was talking everything Real Simple (fashion, organizations, real life moments, and meals). I found myself telling the crew that seeing rhubarb in the “Why not try section” inspired my rhubarb trifecta, and how I always read A Life in Full (last page) first. The group of women near me echoed my sentiments and we all thanked them for coming.


How to Navigate the Farmers Market This Summer:

Be Prepared: Many vendors may not have plastic sacks, so come with your reusable bags in tow. Bring small bills- think five and ten dollar bills. Keep your pets at home, as they may not be allowed. Many vendors keep extra produce under tables.

Try Something New: The farmers market is a great opportunity to try new types of produce. Not sure what something is or how to cook it? Just ask the vendors. They are very knowledgeable about what they grow and sell.

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Take a Science Lap First: Travel the whole market before you purchase. There are a lot of hidden bargains. Once you made one lap, you will better know what you want to buy and who had the best prices.

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Try First: If you are not sure if you will like a certain produce or product, talk with the vendors and learn more about them. Request a sample. Many vendors are more than happy to offer samples so that you can get a better idea of how good their product is.

Enjoy the Experience: Shopping the farmer’s market is a great experience when compared to regular grocery shopping. You get to enjoy walking around in the open air, to see table after table heaped with colorful fresh, local food during the growing season, and visit many vendors. It is a fun experience, so enjoy it.


Going to a farmers market should be on your to-do list this summer. Though, as you go, I ask should the poor be singled out? I snapped the photo below. When a bystander looked at me and said, How come they get $10.00 free, when I am paying for their welfare benefits? Real life moment, I always find myself on the fence on this one, and just wondered why more vendors just don’t do a punch card for shoppers. Something like spend $50 in three visits and you get $20 free. Why single the poor out? Why alienate cash customers? What are your thoughts on the sign?




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7 Responses to Real Life MSW Meets Real Simple Magazine

  1. That’s so cool, I love Real Simple!


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  2. Great post, thank you for pointing it out to me. With your permission, I will mention it in one of my posts and link to it.

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  3. Real Simple is my FAVORITE!! Thanks for sharing!!

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