Backsplash: Real Life Beautiful, Blessed Nightmare

“Who pays $147.32 for three pieces of tile? “


I have been living a hellish, beautiful, blessed nightmare. I am in the final stage of my kitchen remodel. Things quickly snowballed into a hellish, beautiful, blessed nightmare. That is my phrase, and one I used often during my kitchen remodel. My spouse threatened to get a “swear” jar if I continued to use it. Though I swear to you, there is no other phrase for what I will share with you this week.

Which do you select first- kitchen counter or backsplash (I swear this is the chicken and the egg scenario)? How do you coordinate colors? Is it OK to mix patterns? How do you pick a design pattern? These are real life questions, people.

The seemingly unlimited countertop and backsplash choices can feel overwhelming. Luckily for me, I knew what I wanted in the backsplash department: clean, white subway tile. What I didn’t realize was the selection on this product. Did I want the mini tile, the extra-large squares, or did I want beveled edges?


I wanted beautiful, classic, beveled edge subway tiles. When I saw the sample in the store, they simply spoke to me. Here’s the thing- just because you love something, don’t lose all your common sense. Here are some great questions to ask:

  • Wear and tear. How easily can you clean the tile, and what is the best way to seal it? Ceramic tile doesn’t need this extra step, but natural tile does if you want to maintain its appearance. If the tile is stainless steel, find out if abrasives will scratch it, and I would suggest getting a grout additive and sealing the grout itself so it stays fresh and clean for longer.
  • Remember trim pieces. If you choose a beveled tile, you’ll need a corner round trim piece (rather than a bullnose). Ask which trim and decorative moldings come with the tile- these pieces should all coordinate in glaze and thickness, and if you order them in separate batches, there could be discrepancies. Spoiler alert and real life moment, I skipped this obvious thought, so I share it with you in hindsight
  • Ask if the tile you want is in stock. This can affect install dates.

My beloved tile was not in stock. I requested a quote. The salesgirl quoted me by the piece, which had a price tag of $328.94. However, it took her way too long to calculate. I spoke up and asked the woman who was obviously in charge to recheck the salesgirl’s numbers (It’s okay to be blunt; this is your hard earned money you’re spending). The boss lady said, “She is training, we will all learn together.”

She picked up the phone, called the manufacturer, gave what I assumed was the ID number, clicked a few things on her screen, and informed me she had to charge me shipping from California. I said, “Sure,” praying she wouldn’t come back with a higher number. She handed me a receipt that read $147.32.

Before I could speak, she informed me it was sold by the box, not the piece (this is another great question to ask). What a beautiful, blessed nightmare. I put emphasis on the nightmare. Fast-forward a week to me picking up my order, and the guy handing me three mini tiles. I informed him that I didn’t order that. Glaring at me, he claimed I did. Really?! Who pays $147.32 for three pieces of tile? I handed him my receipt and then he looked baffled. I spotted boss lady and informed her of the incident. She assured me she would handle it. In the end she would reimbursed my shipping fee of $39.76 and overnighted my order directly to my home on their dime- beautiful, blessed nightmare.


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7 Responses to Backsplash: Real Life Beautiful, Blessed Nightmare

  1. I love your counter pattern! Great job 🙂

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    • msw blog says:

      Thank you! I was originally going for the bricklayers pattern. I however, didn’t order a box of bullnose tile. So my contractor came up with this amazing design. So, glad he did cause I love it. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Ooooooh remodel… Crazy times ahead 🙂


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