59 Languages spoken:Removing the Barriers


Some time you have to let go of your dream and help others fulfill theirs. This is something I have come to learn. I found another article that takes me back to when I started graduate school with dreams of fully developing my own grassroots program. Reading about building such a wonderful multicultural clinic, I wonder how it was funded. What other support and resources were available for these mothers? With these thoughts running through my mind, I found myself smiling as it’s a clear sign it’s something I am passionate about. I believe in the concept of helping others feel comfortable in being their best selves. Wondering if others felt the same, I scrolled down to the comments. The first one stung as it read “If someone took as much time and effort to teach these women to speak English and our culture, then they would not only have unfettered access to our health care system, but also much more facile access to our economy as well. Which is better than continued dependency and poverty no matter how you say the words.” This attitude and tone reminded me of my gentleman at the farmers market. Real life moment. I get it, this country is (majority) English speaking. Yes, one should learn the language. However, compassion is a language that is universal. We can all learn from each other and we all deserve good medical care, particularly a new mother and an innocent child. So instead of criticizing, why are more of us not thinking of ways to help these women like starting a free ESL class or setting up a crowd fund to help them pay for classes and daycare?

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