Year of Yes


Year of Yes is a must read for so many reasons. Yes, I knew Shonda Rhimes was a gifted writer, known for “giving good story”—it’s her superpower. I have followed both Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder since they began, and the stories just get better and better. But Shonda’s personal story is so much more. The main theme of this memoir is that on her birthday, Shonda decides to say “YES” to things that scare her and thus forces herself to be brave in ways she never has before. She is an enthusiastic introvert and workaholic (How else could she own Thursday night, although this fall I learned Scandal will be on hiatus… take a moment cry, freak out and go for your glass of wine. I did all the above.), but she had lost important parts of herself over the years.

To find herself, Shonda opens up in what can only be described as raw, honest, inspiring come to Jesus talk. Reading this I felt like I was talking to a close friend. You know that one who’s always in your head and thinking what you’re thinking? Real life moment, as she laid track I found myself slapped with more than one ahh moment. I now have a new mother’s day card thanks to her. Yes, I sent them out last month; because you know what? Every fucking day is Mother’s Day. I found myself deeply inspired by her speeches. They inspired me to share my own with you over time because, really, my college admission letters, letters to my capitol, and my own speeches have made me who I am (and damn sure have brought me to where I am now). This book is for anyone who’s become a little too comfortable or needs a good friend, because we all need to discover are F.O.D. (first only different) self!


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7 Responses to Year of Yes

  1. I too loved this book and have recommended it to several people!

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  2. Yes!! I LOVE this book.


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  3. Nicky M says:

    Putting it on my ‘I must read this book’ list. Thanks 🙂

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  4. Ok I’ll have to check it out.

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