Real Life MSW Meets a Real ModCloth Brick and Mortar Store.

Abby and I stumbled upon a real brick and mortar ModCloth. We walked in and a lovely, well dressed girl welcomed us with a speech.

“Hi! We’re known for vintage-inspired dresses and quirky accessories. The pop-up shops enable shoppers to try on items (in sizes XS to 4X). This is a curated collection of styles chosen specifically for Portland, along with items made by locals. Shoppers will be able to bring home certain items from the store, like jewelry and decor. Other items will be shipped directly to your home for free. Enjoy and help yourself to a mocktail (it was part of a store event with local musicians).”

We wandered about admiring tons of cute, fun things. I found a great skirt; and in my excitement I bought it. The skirt (yes, I know the salesgirl said you can’t buy things in store. I was able to snag mine because either they looked at my account history [you have to provide your email address] and said frequent happy shopper give her what she wants [joking], or it’s the last item and they sell it you as a sample).

Now, let’s talk silly me and kick ass customer service. The next day I had buyer’s remorse. I didn’t need the skirt. I arrived home and showed it to my spouse, and he said “Aren’t you wearing that skirt now?” (Men!). I was not wearing the exact skirt, but close enough; so I logged on to return it. My order was not in my purchase history. I called them and they connected me to the pop-up, who told me I could bring it back (You should know that they have a sign in the store that is very specific that they do not accept returns of items purchased in store). I informed them I was several hours away, and asked if my friend could return it if I mailed it to her. They said yes. Now that is customer service. I was also informed they would be open until December 15 and will be selling fall and winter items. Of course, since they are so fabulous, you can schedule free appointments with stylists.


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9 Responses to Real Life MSW Meets a Real ModCloth Brick and Mortar Store.

  1. Elisabet says:

    What a treasure find!

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  2. Modcloth is the best!! I have been to one of these as well. I was excited to see it, but was disappointed that they didn’t have any of the lower cost items in store.


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  3. I missed the popup when it was here in L.A. I hope they come back.

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  4. Tracy says:

    Yayyyy! I keep hoping that they’ll open a B&M in Pittsburgh! Our pop-up did really well here, so hopefully that will give them some incentive!

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