Helping Hand or Cyber Stalker ?

I can only write or sing when it is time, and I don’t decide when it is time,” she says “I’m not that kind of artist. I need to live.” Jill Scott


Reading this article (We’re being monitored at work; helping hand or Big Brother? by Susan Kelleher), I am reminded of Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle and words like creepy and micromanager come to mind. I am also really curious how you would react to being watched like this at work. I am a clinical research therapist and there is one thing I know is true “Humans do things for a reason, not everything can be reduced to numbers”. Juneteen states “Data enables better measurement and more accountability.”

Like  Susan Kelleher, I ask myself “What does it feel like to be watched so closely?” I know I would hands down epically FAIL at the numbers. I always start my visit with the young adults with the question “What did you eat today?” More often than not my seminars are started with a “What Would You Do?” question or asking the room if they have a “What Would You Do?” These two sentences often can consume a large amount of time, but it always leaves someone learning something new.

In my personal life when I decide what to cook, I often find myself frockling in my gardening, organizing the pantry, and cleaning the fridge. Hell, by the time I pick ingredients, the meal could have seriously have been on the table. When I blog I often spend more time reading old articles and journals then actually producing content. I find that Jill Scott’s words echo who I am. Yes, while I wrote this I took an 18 minute break and poured myself glass of wine and listened to the NPR interview.


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  1. I LOVE those flowers! They are really gorgeous. Also, I’m not sure how I would feel about constantly being monitored at work either.

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