Brown Paper Bag Test Conclusion….

The verdict is in  ( you can read  part one here).


Old habits die hard. I still read a good article and tuck it away. I should have written and posted about this after I read it and talked to my student about it; but, hey, better late than never. I do think this conversation is far from over because as I read this verdict I scrolled down to the comments and a reader left an insightful reply that read:

“Let’s say they sent a black nurse in and she got attacked and seriously injured? Then what? Get sued for not sending a white staffer in and putting an employee in a known dangerous situation? Mental patient gets charged with hate crime (I think he would have a lock on an insanity defense)?

In this case, if a black staffer would have caused a bad situation with a mental patient to get worse, the only really responsible decision would be to try and avoid sending a black staffer in.

What about another protected class; sex? In many cases, female staff primarily deal with females. Why should matching sex be a consideration for cases like strip searches? Just send whoever is next up- man or woman!”

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