The Giving Experience: Taco bar

“Name five things you got last year for Christmas?”


My nieces and nephews informed me that they want to see the Star Wars film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story , as its going be the coolest movie of the year. Hearing this my heart warmed as I do not give my nieces and nephews material items for Christmas. They have enough aunts and uncles to do that. Instead, I like to think of myself as the cool one to teach life lessons and to give the gift of experience. The last several years it has been an outing to the movies. I purchase movie tickets at a discount at Costco and they are allowed to keep the extra $7 for concessions. I like to think of it as a life lesson in budgeting. My spouse, the Star Wars fanboy, has informed me no way in hell we’re getting a dozen seats to said movie. Did I forget about last year and how Star War fans broke the internet buying tickets? So, we did the next best thing and threw a viewing party at our home for them to watch The Force Awakens  and to make tacos. As they entered our kitchen I went into my best Oprah giveaway voice “You get movie tickets and you get movie tickets!” They laughed and we hugged the kitchen filled with laughter. There was a moment where my oldest niece recounted every movie we have seen and almost every activity that accompanied it.  My nephew asked if we were banned from making pizza after last year (don’t ask!). I couldn’t resist and I asked him  a question someone once asked me “Name five things you got last year?” He looked at me quizzically and said “I got Beats headphones.” His younger brother said, “You go those for your birthday”. He smiled, “Yeah I did. I reiterated my question , “Name five things you got last year for Christmas?” I  don’t know, but I remember last year pizza dough twirling contest and how _ got his stuck on the skylight”.  My niece chimed in “I think I have that video on my phone?” Oh, the memories! So remember as you’re looking for the perfect gift- are they going to remember it next year?


Real life tips:

Tortillas : If you want improve your soft tacos, warm the tortillas. You can toast them individually over a gas burner or in a dry skillet to give them a little a char.

If you want a wow factor try this Tomatillos Meet Roasted Salsa Verde it won’t disappoint and best part you can make it ahead of time.

This is a previous published post that has had a little makeover and a lot of loved added.

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6 Responses to The Giving Experience: Taco bar

  1. Yum, I want tacos!


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  2. Ashley says:

    So true! Thanks for the ideas! I have a BUNCH of nieces and nephews and I hate buying things that they may not want/need/appreciate/enjoy. It feels too…impersonal and obligatory. I prefer to give consumable gifts or gifts of experiences. For office gifts, homemade salsa and a bag of chips, or homemade apple butter and a loaf of bread. For nieces and nephews, pool passes to their local pool. But I’m loving the idea of just a time to BE together! Thank you for being that person in their lives!

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    • msw blog says:

      I do enjoy my time together with all of them in one space as they bring a luaghter , stories and life long memories.Edible gifts and passes are often good choicee as well as many of us could use less stuff. Thanks for reading

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  3. I love it! You are right, they remember the experiences much more than the gifts! Great post ❤️

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