Life’s Appointment

“According to a trusted colleague, one of my employees recently called in sick when he was actually taking a trip to the beach. Although “Greg” is a bright guy with lots of potential, I have previously had some concerns about his work ethic. However, this was just a general impression with no specific evidence.

Even though I feel certain that Greg lied, I’m not sure how to handle it. If I make an accusation without any proof, that may offend him and damage our relationship. On the other hand, Greg shouldn’t be allowed to get away with lying, and I don’t want to be a spineless manager. What should I do?” – office coach


My first smart ass thought  reading the above was “This is why I don’t overshare with colleagues.” When I need time away from the office I simply say “I have a life appointment© ”. That one phrase encompass everything I may do in my time away from work.

Though as a working professional and a supervisor, I can’t help but wonder what this office’s policy is around paid vacation and sick time. I wonder what the relationship is between the “trusted colleague” and the supervisor? I wonder why the colleague felt obligated to share this news? I wonder what the impression was that made the supervisor question her staff’s work ethic? I do agree with Marie “If –then approach” I, however, believe it would be best delivered in the method of a team meeting so that the office as a whole heard the message. This would allow the team to ask question as a whole about policies.

Would you do things differently? Have you been in the place of the colleagues or supervisors?

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6 Responses to Life’s Appointment

  1. I have experienced something similar. The man concerned regularly took sick leave the day after a public holiday. I warned him against doing it again. He did, claiming a hangover. I ensured he was not paid for the day. This led to in a bitter union dispute, but I did have the evidence out of his own mouth.

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    • msw blog says:

      Sadly, no showing, arriving late, leaving early the day before or after a holiday is a classic. When I receive time off slips I usual ask the individual if they wish to take a late start or partial day as well as their attended time off. Seeing that many forget that option is available if requested ahead of time.

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  2. It always hurts when we discover that someone has deliberately deceived us. He is only hurting his own character and integrity.

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  3. jml297 says:

    It is tricky and needs to take into account the personalities involved too – directly challenging those who are selective with the truth isn’t always effective. Pointing out other options or the impact it has on the rest of the team has worked for me. And you are right to trademark life appointment- I love it!

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    • msw blog says:

      I agree that’s why I think the message would be best delivered in the method of a team meeting so that the office as a whole heard the message and no one would be singled out. Life appointment has been my official coined phrase for decades 😊. Thank you for the reading.

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