Real Life MSW Talks to Herb’n Farm NW


One thing regular readers probably know about me is that I love my farmer’s market. I do about 80% of my grocery shopping there. During one of my many trips, I found an easier, quicker, and more flavorful way to get my herb fix- Herb’n Farm NW. I love this stuff. You can click here to see how many recipes I have sprinkled flavor on with their “Herb Gold”. I confess I am a gardener, but Ras and his team are the professionals or, as I nicknamed them, the “herb whispers”. I respect them so much that I reached out to them and said “I wanted you to know I am LOVING your Pike Place Herbs and have been both cooking with them and sharing with my readers.” (Validate your small business people, because what I know for sure is I haven’t been able to find any of my “what the hell items” at my local grocery store or Costco).

To my surprise, Ras (the owner), emailed me back “Love what you are doing with our blends! Will have to try some of these recipes myself” .

Real life confession, I was shocked he replied; yet it gave me another reason to love small businesses. They actually reply and care about their product. Herb’n Farm NW only ships twice a week. Does it get any more flavorful and fresher than that? So, I asked myself why the hell I am growing a full herb garden (I will maintain a small one this year for pestos and marinades).  Herb’n Farm NW must have been thinking the same, and asked if I wanted to do a time limited series of sponsored post this summer. They sweetened the deal by offering me FREE product. It should go without saying I said, “Let me think about that” (Did you think I was going say yes right away?).

I am a clinical social worker, once a little girl who lived deep below the poverty line and my journey has proven no one gets anywhere by helping themselves- or, as Audrey Hepburn eloquently put it  , “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

You, my dear reader, came up over a few talks. Herb’n Farm NW came up with a great concept for a coupon. They’re offering 10% off  (promo code “herbnshare“and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 (promo code : FREESHIP) if your not sure what to order I say try the  Pike Place Best Seller Combo (who doesn’t love a sampler). Happy cooking and please share what your cooking at#reallifeofanmsw.





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7 Responses to Real Life MSW Talks to Herb’n Farm NW

  1. Love this idea! Partnerships with small businesses is great!

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  2. inaloveworld says:

    When all is done with passion – as you do – results show up. Great idea and congratulations! I love small businesses, too. They do whatever they do with passion, with unconditional love for nature and people.

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