Jailed Over Court Fines

Real Life of an MSW

“Little Jake asked, “Did you hear what happened to me? I was panning in front of the pharmacy. This fat woman panhandler told me to move. Lots of people pan there. It’s not her spot, so I waved her away and said, ‘Fuck off. get out of my face. Anyone can pan here.’ That was one day. The next day when she saw me she flagged down a cop. She said that I had verbally assaulted her then stood up and kicked her in the stomach. I didn’t lay a finger on her. Now I have to go to court. Can you imagine that, a panhandler calling the cops on another panhandler. That’s just wrong.”- Court Appearances


Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Using jail or the threat of jail to collect debts from individuals who are too poor to pay? Incarcerating individuals does not address the…

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2 Responses to Jailed Over Court Fines

  1. Maybe the accused can try to get CCTV recordings outside of the pharmacy shop to prove his innocence. I always have a fear of travelling to the US because I heard that one can get sued even if your neighbor happens to trip in front of one’s pathway covered in snow. What if the owner of the property works a lot from dawn til dusk to make a living?

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    • msw blog says:

      That would be very generous of the shop owner sadly many times of them also look for ways to get rid of panhandlers. Seeing, they often harass customers and sadly that is true about America and only advice I can offer is renter or homeowners insurance and to be a kind neighbor …thanks for reading


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