Chalkboard Paint & Refrigerator Art

“We did things that were so night and day from what we first thought. By waiting , we ended up with a house that functions well” -Leyla Jaworski


It took over five phone calls to get the guy to show up. When he did, he repaired the wall then pulled out a handsaw to cut my trim. I had to stop him as I am my father’s child, and I asked if he knew what the hell he was doing. He assured me he did, and I sat at my island as he roughly cut. I told him that was not good enough- God forbid if I had to sell tomorrow, the new  owners  would be like what the hell. He finally got it right… beautiful blessed nightmare. With the fridge finally in place, I noticed a new problem- the fridge door hit the wall and I was out of wiggle room. One side already butted against my gorgeous counters. Beautiful blessed nightmare…


I was NOT  sending the fridge back because it banged against the wall . I just didn’t have the energy to look for a new one or deal with the Jack of all trades repair man again. So, I did the next best thing and I painted the wall. You see, we already have one chalk board wall (Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate )and I decided to paint the other side to match. This was an accidently genius move, as the fridge blends in with the space a bit more and looks like it always belonged there, and you can’t see the door dings (My spouse also tighten the hinges).


I just couldn’t leave my  refrigerator naked. What’s on your refrigerator? Tell me in the comments below or Instagram at #reallifeofanmsw








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2 Responses to Chalkboard Paint & Refrigerator Art

  1. I loved reading your real-life kitchen story. Your new fridge looks great!

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