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Reading through my articles, this one Couch surfers” uncover free lodging, new friends   made me pause and reflect. I was unsure why I saved it. Perhaps because the term “Couch Surfing” in my profession is often defined as “The practice of temporarily lodging with a stranger—free of charge, often with friends or family.” In other words, an individual was homeless. Though this article and company removed the stigma from the word, its message was clear “Best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to your hometown.”

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I like to think I am an adventurous person, as just last year I jetted set with Abby and hiked a beautiful rain forest with my spouse. I, however, personally draw the line at these accommodations (Hell, I have turned down several social worker and home visits jobs over the years, and that just entails going into strangers’ homes to do assessments). My rule when traveling is safety first. Is this something you would do, and dare I ask if I am missing out? I am also curious where the weirdest place is you have ever slept. If you’re curious, as a child below the poverty line I slept in apartment building laundry rooms, under porches, and in cold abandoned homes. As a well-established professional adult, I once had to spend an evening in a car with my spouse after miscommunication about who was supposed to make reservations.

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  1. Paola says:

    It’s a nice idea

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