Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

It is true nothing EVER leaves the internet and no good deed is forgotten. I received an email today that read “Your  letter is still going strong on our Facebook page. _ has agreed to donate all dairy products for the _ summer camp.  (for the curious, my donation was $35.) Stop by for an ice-cream cone and a tour of the new place.” The email left me with a smile and searching my career journal for the note I had written ( seven years ago!). My note read :

Reading your summer newsletter, I was struck by the header “Milk Shortage.” I had no idea food banks accepted “real” milk. Growing up as a child of the _’s. I lived below the poverty line. My care giver relied heavily on food banks to curb my hunger. Not one of those charitable boxes ever contented real milk! Instead, we were given cans of powdered milk with the tagline “just add water”. It was dreadful grey sludge. Your newsletter has left me smiling, now knowing that far fewer kids have to go without such a basic essential. Thanks to food pantries, larger space and refrigeration systems. Please accept my donation with the promise to continue to provide milk mustaches to America Children.

One of my favorite sections of the paper is the rant and rave section. I love these raves. Can you imagine the world just being a happy place?

RAVE For the Metro driver who got out of the bus at the stop to call down the block to me when she noticed I’d dropped my hand-knitted mitten on my way off the bus. I was so grateful for her observation, her willingness to make sure she got my attention, and to have my favorite mitten returned; I’d have missed it for sure. When I told her “You’re amazing!” she smiled and replied, “I know.” I hope she does!

RAVE To the kind person who found my keys in a Green Lake parking lot and placed them conspicuously at the beginning of the trail so I could easily find them. It may have been a small gesture for you, but it was everything to me. I’ve always loved Green Lake and the spirit of most of the visitors there enjoying the park.

RAVE To my neighbor on who occasionally serenades the neighborhood with beautiful saxophone music wafting from his house or back porch. It’s always such a relaxing, pleasant surprise.

RAVE To the woman who stopped her car and came to help me when I fell during a run. She offered me a ride and I appreciated it, and when I politely declined, she stayed to make sure I was OK. I had minor facial injuries and a broken thumb, but my day was made by this woman. She restored my faith in humanity.

RAVE To pedestrians who give drivers a little wave when you slow down before the crosswalk so they know you’re going to stop for them, and to motorists who give a wave when you let them merge in front of you in traffic. It’s nice to know that traffic manners are appreciated.


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4 Responses to Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

  1. True words of kindness and yes a great rave to all these people who are great to give a helping hand to people who have nothing with them. Great post.

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