Severe Shortage of Seasonal Workers

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In the midst of the holiday season, this article couldn’t be more appropriate or timely with its question “What if we could find a creative and responsible way to meet retailers’ hiring needs while at the same time taking a step toward reducing crime in our communities?” I believe most individuals deserve second opportunities. Individuals with criminal records have a stigma associated with them, such as the lack of education or skills. Employers assume they are just criminals, instead individuals who made a bad mistake; or have parole-related commitments that make it difficult to maintain regular work hours. This is just an ignorant way of thinking. Companies have a right to think and act creatively, and to be ethical. I also believe they have a right to protect themselves. The best way for them to do that is by working with a reentry organization. These organization work closely with employers to help them select the right employees for the job. They also work directly with ex-offenders, particularly those recently released from incarceration, to provide critical services and skills training that prepares ex-offenders for employment. So, yes, it is possible to hire seasonal workers and to make retailers and shippers consider a new potential source of seasonal employees. This also helps gives the ex-offenders a chance to rebuild their lives, take on tough jobs, and work hard. Many appreciate this, because who doesn’t want to be given a second chance to demonstrate their value to positively contribute to their communities? The bottom line: engaging this often-overlooked source of candidates is not only good for business, it’s also good for society.

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