Kitchen Mishaps


I found a Post-It on a cookbook that read “What’s the worst meal you have ever made?” The question annoyed me and reminded me of the interview question “What’s your weakness?” I mean, really, who wants to talk about their weakness. Though I digress I recall last summer I tried my hand at Mrs. Twinkle Cool Cucumber Gazpacho, and (as always) I went rogue. It turned out horribly. Not one to waste food, I  strained it, added cucumber vodka and made it into a summer cocktail which I named Green Confidence. The Lesson I  learned you control your kitchen, not the other way around. Learn something from the experience and move on or you will be stuck. Even the best cooks, screw up in the kitchen once in a while.

Since we’re confessing kitchen mishaps what’s the worst meal you have ever made?




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