Mini Makeover: Emotional Attachment Edition

This is a biggie. Giving away things that we no longer use but feel personal attached to can be hard. I admit that I’ve even shed a few tears as I gave away some of my kid’s toys, but I can honestly say that I never regretted it. It was just a brief moment of sad as I let go of the past so I could be able to embrace the future. Remember that you’re just letting go of the item- not the personal memories. I’m not saying that you have to give away everything- you can always keep a few favorite treasures if you have the space. The key is to make sure you contain it-as in, set a limit of one box, one piece of furniture, one piece of art and stick to it.


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4 Responses to Mini Makeover: Emotional Attachment Edition

  1. So true. I never want to sell stuff I have finished with – always give it away

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  2. AGE says:

    Sharing is loving 🙂

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