The Letter I wish I’d Sent…

“Regret is a chance with remedy. Ease your mind and your conscience by writing that letter in 200 words or less that you always wish you’d sent to someone. It can be a valentine to a loved one, a message to a parent, or even good riddance to the guy who dumped you on prom night. You can remain anonymous, or include your name, city, and even a photo. We’ll publish the best in….”

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Reading the page, I thought what an assignment. Could you write your emotions out in just 200 words or less, but even more- would you send it in to a national publication? Honestly, I am unsure, but I do think this is an assignment I will implement to clients and groups. I also think it is one I will personally undertake, as I believe there will be some editing of not only words, but emotions and lots of self-reflecting…


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2 Responses to The Letter I wish I’d Sent…

  1. jml297 says:

    What an interesting idea! And yes, 200 words might be a bit of a challenge … but worth a try 😊

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