Series Commitment Rings

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Cleaning out our junk drawer (yes, again) I discovered a ripped magazine page that read “Promise Rings”. I am not sure how or why it ended up in the drawer. I will say this- it is one of the most absurd items I have come across. The promise rings work with an app and streaming service to block one party from watching a show without the other party until both rings are present for viewing. To me, this is a whole new level of lack of trust. It also leaves me with a host of questions. “Would you sign up for this?” (future research has revealed to me this is in beta testing) “How much should one pay for this?” “Would you enroll if the company covered the cost of your streaming service?” “How would you feel if the person you were in a relationship with gifted you one of these rings?” I asked my spouse these questions, and his reply once he stopped laughing was simply “Are you serious?”

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  1. John McKenroe comes to mind 🙂

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