Affordable housing is very important to us. We are landlords of three very nice small apartments on Capitol Hill. Our rents are purposely below market. We recently paid our property taxes for this year, and they nearly doubled. Question : How are we supposed to keep our rents low? If we increase our rents, there is the real possibility that some of our tenants will need to move. The city and many citizens really support affordable housing, but then the city makes it very difficult to do so. – Carolyn A. Eagan

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6 Responses to Conundrum

  1. Affordable rental is impossible to find over here

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  2. I understand the predicament. You do your best to provide affordable rentals but the city rates and insurance make it impossible for you.

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  3. The city where I used to live, some apartments were regular market price and others were under market, reserved for those that qualified. ie, building of 80, 50 regular, 30 low income rate.

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    • msw blog says:

      We have mixed income communities in my city. I do not live in one but I have read and heard from others that they to have their own issues such as screening/ application issues, and trying to figure out who should pay for the upkeep and the landscaping. I however, think it is a good start to fixing the housing solution.

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